OMEK consortium 2015


VISL is a major partner in the OMEK 3D-consortium which combines academic and industrial partners in research of 3D image processing, analysis and understanding. VISL’s OMEK research staff is divided to three groups  working on three major problems:

Filling missing information
Group leader is Prof. Guy Gilboa
In many cases the 3D information comes in very low resolution and large amount of information is missing. This research focuses on filling this depth information from some side information like color images of the same area.

Similarity of 3D information
Group leader is Prof. Yoshua Zeevi
This research focuses on the development of new tools in order to determine similarity between n3D objects scanned from different viewing angles. Methods exploit geometric cheracteristics.

Texture analysis of 3D data
Group leader is Prof. Yoshua Zeevi
In this research the goal is to distinguish between different textures in 3D data, mainly, artificial from natural textures (trees, sand, buildings, cars,…)

Local based model for noise and uncertainty
Group leader is Prof. Yoav Schechner
Most existing models assume unified models for noise and uncertainties in 3D data. However, theoretical studies show that noise and uncertainties depend on local charcteristics such as atmospheric effects, viewing angles, illumination and others. In this research a new approach of localized models in being taken.

VISL’s main industry partners in the consortium are INTEL, ELBIT and APPLIED MATERIALS.

Rotating Point Cloud