The Vision and Image Sciences Laboratory (VISL) was established in 1975 and since then is active in research and teaching in a wide range of topics related to Biological and Computer Vision Systems and Image and Video Processing. Particularly, in the last years, the lab is active in Image Enhancement Methods, Real-time Computer Vision Systems, Target Tracking, Aerial Image Processing, Underwater Imaging, 3D Imaging, Geometrical Approaches in Image Processing, Medical Imaging, and many more.

A dozen of graduate students work currently on their research in the VISL. About 50 undergraduate students complete their final BSc project and about 200 students take part in lab experiment courses in the VISL each year.

The VISL provides its students an opportunity to gain experience through projects and research. In addition to its educational role, the research and projects carried out in the lab directly contribute to the Hi-tech industry and to other collaboration partners such as medical centers and government. The activity of the lab is often driven by the needs of the science-based industry. Certainly, the research and projects carried out in the lab keep in the forefront of the activity in its fields of interest.