Computer Accounts

VISL Projects Computer Farm

The lab’s computer farm is located in room 611 which has about 12 modern and up-to-date PCs and software.


Our computers are in the TD-EF domain, students login using their regular user/password from the EE PC farm.

Project Net Drive

A special Project Net Drive is assigned to each project. This drive is common to both project partners, the supervisor and the lab staff. The drive is automatically opened for each project as part of the registration process in labadmin. The Project Net Drive is regularly backed up by the lab, all stuff related to the project shall be saved there b the students!

First Time Mapping of the Project Net Drive

The project drive is NOT automatically mapped on the computers .At first login at each computer each student has to manually map the drive once, then the mapping will be remembered for further logins.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Login to your LABADMIN account and copy the Project ID, you find it when you choose “My projects”.
  2. Assuming your Project ID is 1234, then map using the following path:

Winter Semester 2016/2017:
\\\VISL Projects\012016\Prj_1234

Spring Semester 2016/2017:
\\\VISL Projects\022016\Prj_1234

Summer Semester 2016/2017:
\\\VISL Projects\032016\Prj_1234


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