Requirements:Image Processing Course, Programming Capabilities
Johanan Erez
Tel. 4729, Room 604
Shira Nemirovsky
Tel. 4725, Room 610

Compression and Enhancement of Diagnostic Medical Images


Medical imaging technologies such as MRI, ultrasound and X-ray CT are an important tool for healthcare systems. Medical images provide valuable diagnostic information and very large volumes of image data are produced every day throughout the world in healthcare centers and research institutes. Image compression techniques enable to meet transmission and storage requirements for this enormous amount of data, while enhancement methods enable to improve the image quality and diagnostic value.

The problem of medical image coding is inherently different from the coding of natural images in the sense that the diagnostic value of the image should be preserved rather than its subjective appearance. However, the compression ratios required for real-time medical imaging applications may often result in impairment of the images quality. Thus, it is desirable to develop methods for efficient image coding whilst preserving the information in the image which is important for diagnosis.

In this project we shall explore the performance of existing compression schemes (such as JPEG and JPEG-2000) for medical images in terms of obtained bit-rates and image quality. The students will develop novel improved compression techniques in order to mitigate the limitations of current methods. The proposed techniques will be implemented in Matlab and tested on imaging modalities such as ultrasound and MRI.