Requirements:Basic Image Processing, Programming Capabilities
Johanan Erez
Tel. 4729, Room 604
Yosi Bar-Erez
Tel. 5743, Room 661

Moving 3D Display Illusion


TAKEN – Creating a full 3D display illusion according to a person’s location. A 3D video will be displayed by a centered pico projector that can rotate. The projection direction will be controlled by a person tracker system. The video must be adjusted to the curved screen. This is a multi-discipline project whish has 2 parts:
A. Building the setup (see Link to similar setup), adjust image for curved screen, control rotating projector, video rendering and display.
B. People tracker, using camera to track user’s location to control projector direction accordingly.
The two parts can be taken care of in parallel and then integrated or as a double semester project.