Requirements:Basic Image Processing
Johanan Erez
Tel. 4729, Room 604
Eli Appleboim
Tel. 4723, Room 608

Automatic Trigger for Chest X-Ray


Chest X-Ray is a very common tool used in hospitals. However the radiation may be harmful to patients, especially to children. Thus, saving radiation is very important. In this project we will develop an automatic trigger for Chest X-Ray that is based on tracking the patient’s breath cycle. The X-Ray image shall be taken exactly at the moment that the lung is full of air.

One or more cameras (possibly Kinect) will be set-up and Computer Vision techniques used to produce an automatic trigger based on the breath cycle, that can be connected to the X-Ray machine and avoid bad imaging results and the need to take a new image.

The project is in cooperation with Dr. Eyal Bercovich, Radiology Resident and with Dr. Anat Ilibitzki, Head of Pediatric Radiology at RAMBAM Healthcare Campus.