Project submission

Project Presentation

Required documentation

  • Final Report (original + pdf)
  • Presentation Slides (original + pdf)
  • Source Code (zipped)
  • English Abstract and Gallery for Webpage
  • Any other docs related to the project (database, references, sample images, demo, poster, etc.)



Each project has to be presented in an about 20 min Powerpoint presentation. Seminars will be held at the end of each semester, in seminars common with other students. In special cases a presentation may be held at a separate date.


A demonstration of the project shall be prepared (depending on the kind of the project).


  • Get supervisor’s confirmation on the report.
  • Schedule final presentation with lab staff.
  • Make sure software code is well documented.
  • Store all documentation in ‘hagasha’ directory in the network disk of your project.

Recommended submission directories

  • ../hagasha/docs
  • ../hagasha/matlab
  • ../hagasha/demo
  • ../hagasha/images
  • ../hagasha/data