Project ID:2005s05
Students:Vaucher Sarah, Nir Guy
Supervisor:Erez Johanan


Detection And Identification Of License Plates In Moving Vehicles From Video Movies

Recognition of motor vehicles has many uses, for example in law reinforcement, security, control of traffic. The purpose of the project is to create a system that is capable of identifying license plates in moving vehicles. The system, which was developed using Matlab, receives a video movie as input, and returns as output pictures of the license plates from the vehicles that were detected. The system does not work in real-time due to Matlab speed processing limitation. However, the algorithm was written in a way it could be implemented in a real-time system, and in a most generic form, so it could be applied to various situations with only minimal changes. To allow maximum flexibility the system is wrapped in a GUI, which allows running the system and adapting it to each scene easily, by any user.


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