Project ID:2013w03
Students:Ram Bracha , Elad Ben Simhon
Supervisor:Appleboim Eli

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Parallel Tracking and Mapping with Mobile Devices


Tracking algorithms-Tracking an hand-held camera by estimating it’s pose in a small Workspace environment.

There are two main approaches

  • Tracking while operate with prior knowledge of the environment (some form of a map, CAD Model, etc.)
  • Extensible tracking – Tracking in scenes without any prior knowledge. Simultaneous localization and mapping



  • Tracking a calibrated camera in an unknown scene while building a map of it’s environment. Splitting tracking and mapping into two separate tasks, processed in parallel
  • Require fast, accurate and robust camera tracking for Real Time purposes
  • A 3D model will be assembled from point features



The robustness of these systems to rapid camera motions still lags behind that of tracking systems which use known object models.


  • Add edge features to e map and exploit their resilience to motion blur to improve tracking under fast motion
  • Keep a rough estimate of the motion in order to calculate each edgelet response under blur









Future works

  • Integrate with PTAMM project in order to reduce computation time
  • Insert occlusion detecting
  • Code organizing + Parallel computing and adjusting to windows/mobile phone