Total Variation Denoising

MATLAB functions:  tv.m  calc_lam.m  calc_lamxy.m  loc_var.m  db.m

Reduces the total-variation of the image. Filters out noise while preserving edges. Textures and fine-scale details are also removed. In this demo the assumption is that a white Gaussian noise is added with a-priori known (or estimated) noise power (variance). The fidelity term to the input image is calculated automatically so that the power of the noise is reduced.

MATLAB code:  demo_tv.m

           denoised   denoised
              Noisy input           Filtered by TV

           noisy   denoised   denoised

             Noisy input            Scalar TV         Adaptive TV

[ROF92] L. Rudin, S. Osher, E. Fatemi, ``Nonlinear Total Variation based noise removal algorithms", Physica D 60 259-268,`92.
[GSZ03] Guy Gilboa, Nir Sochen, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi, "Texture Preserving Variational Denoising Using an Adaptive Fidelity Term", to appear in Proc. VLSM 2003, Nice, France, Oct. 2003. PDF  

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