PC Workstations

VISL Projects Computer Farm

The lab’s computer farm is located in room 611 which has a dozen of PC workstations with up-to-date hardware and software.
Click here for map of workstations in room 611.

Typical specification:

GPU (where installed): Nvidia 1080TI or 2080
Operation System: Dual-boot Win10 / Linux
Internal disks: 240/500 GB SSD + 1T HD
Software: …


Login to our workstations is done through the unique Technion authentication <username>@campus.technion.ac.il.

Students use the following user and password for login:

User = <username>@staff.technion.ac.il (Type ‘staff’ and not ‘campus’ !!)
Password = <unique password>

Win10 OS:
User = <username>@campus.technion.ac.il
Password = <unique password>

Note: For some students login with only <username> without suffix may also work as they have also an TDEF account with the same username. Please avoid using this option!

Hint: In order to switch from Win10 to LINUX or vice versa, reboot and choose preferred OS on boot.

“VISL Docker”

Our LINUX workstations have a version of Docker installed. Docker is a virtualization platform that enables to save software installations in a container and use the installation on different workstations. This enables to share workstations between different projects with different needs without reinstalling the software for each project. We call our installation of Docker the “VISL Docker”. Click here for instructions how to work with VISL Docker.