Generic Traffic Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi

New project proposal: Build a junction control system based on Raspberry Pi and cloud services and known algorithms.

In this project we will make use of known algorithms to recognize pedestrians and vehicles. The goal of this project is build an online demonstration of a multi-camera system using such algorithms. The algorithms shall be implemented on Raspberry Pi boards which shall calculate interesting states at a junction and upload the information to a cloud. The data collected at the cloud shall enable a user to get an idea of what is happening at the junction.

UPDATE: This semester we will concentrate in building a generic system, which is capable of monitoring and metering (counting) pedestrians, bicycle riders and cars, no matter fully automatically, despite changing weather conditions, different camera installations, etc.



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The project is in collaboration with Haifa Traffic Control Center and Minsitry of Transport and with Networks Software Systems Lab (NNSL).